Chapter 3 - 1965 - Present cont.

  • I buy a 1975 Ford Granada coupe
  • David gets me buying and working on Opel's GTs, Station wagons, coupes
  • Sell Granada to Alice Meyers at Chevron
Single Days and Dating
  • Arleen - neighbor ?
  • Joan and Al's friend - Art Teacher who went to Arizona to continue painting
  • Irene - Lamplighters from Covena
  • Get engaged 1977 and disengaged same year. Irene kept $1500 ring
Jim Smoke meetings
  • Feb 1978 Meet Peggy Lonski at Bob's Big Boy after Lamplighters meeting
  • April 1978 Peggy moves into Oakmont St
  • Dec 1978 Peggy's divorce final with Ted Lonski
  • Jan 1979 Divorce final with Jane
  • 12 Jan 1979 Peggy and I are Married
Bob, Peggy and Friends

I retired from Chevron but continued work as a contrator for John Martin at Chevron for several months on a North Slope project.

    Mark, Carol, Rob, Kaci
  • Buy 1983 Escort Station Wagon
  • David buys house in Newport Beach with Gary
  • Peggy and I buy house and move to San Clemente
  • Ted And Corine married
  • John and Lori Ray married
  • Lori marries Steve Graves
  • Lori divorces Steve
  • Davids accident, Saddleback Hospital and attends Hi-Hopes school in Costa Mesa
  • Mark and Carol move to Santa Rosa
  • Bob has prostate Oper Mission Hosp Oct 1 1993
  • Peggy falls and seriously hurts back resulting in an operation at Mission Hospital July 31 1997
  • Jane and David move to Santa Rosa
  • David moves to Yountville Vets Home
  • August 97 sell Cal 27 sail boat for $5000
  • Peggy has 2nd back operation at South Coast hospital
  • Dec 98 Bob has Heart by-pass surgery (5)

At Mission Hosp (with Dr Morris) I finish the re-hab (exercises) in March so on my own to keep up the exercising. Have a stationary Bike and a tread-mill via garage sales but lacked the continuing will power to use them. I fly up to Oakland and rent a car and drive to see David for 2 days. He's doing good. At the same time, Peggy and her daughter Pat have ben working for over a year on a Family reunion (Davis,Field) in Plymouth MA. for the 2nd and 3rd June 2000. Peggy and I flew out of Santa Ana 31 May 2000 to Providence, RI for the reunion and return 7 June. We all had good time.

  • Got letter from Bill Sullivan. Our navigator in New Guinea (1942-43)
  • Bill Huscroft 80 years old--- Party at Newport Beach house.
  • Sept 6-19 Sept 2000. Drive to Pismo Bch, Napa, Santa Rosa to see David, Mark and Family.
  • May 2001 Decide to sell Condo. Lots of termites. Ask Merriots to move out. They finally move 24th of June. Sold to a Jeffry Kirby July 2001 for $20200. by Javier Parra.
  • We get about $181000 Capital gains taxes due 15 April 2002 will be about $52000. Ouch!!! oh well I always say if you complain about taxes, it means you must have made some money.
  • Dec 31 2002 Mark is 50 years old
  • Feb 10-14 2002 Peggy and I drive CRV to Tracy-Sebastapo-Napa-to see Mark and Family
  • Robbie 18 yrs and High School Senior. Very musical.
  • Stay a day in Napa and visit David.
  • 19 April- Bob has Lithotripsy to desolve a kidney stone at Mission Hospital with Dr Mark Sullivan.
  • Peggy over her 5 week "bout" with a bad bad flu.
  • This rainy season to date has been very dry for Southern CA
  • June 02 Grandson Rob Wegner graduates from Santa Rosa High school.
  • Has first serious girlfriend, Brook. (This all changes when he starts school at University of California at Fullerton). He is majoring in computer animation and will graduate with Fine Arts Degree.

1 Nov 2002 7AM - Get call from Mark that David has died last night (31 Oct 2002) of injuries from an accident at VA Home at Yountsville. I had talked to David on Monday, 28 Oct to tell him I was sending him some "mag's" and a present, (a model Jaguar). On 30th Oct he had a "grand-mal" seizure and was put into the VA hospital across the street from his new living quarters. He was in a room (ward) on the second floor. Jane had talked to him around 7pm by telephone and said he sounded very David Wegner disorientated, (usual after a seizure). The hospital staff tried to check on him around 9PM but he wasn't in his room. The security people found his body outside below a 2nd floor balcony from which he had fallen. He died instantly. The balcony door on the 2nd floor had been unlocked so "some of the patients could smoke?". The coroner investigated.

David was cremated and Bob and Peggy drove to Santa Rosa for David's funeral. Peggy got sick with a bad cold and I went with Mark, Carol, Kaci, Mel, Jeremy (Mel's-step-son) Ted, Joan, Jane (David's mother), Ron Morland and his wife to the VA Yountsville Chapel at 10AM - Have tape of the ceremony. After ceremony went to David,s grade side with above people for a brief service at resting place at the Yountsville VA Home military cemetery. Met many of David's friends at these ceremonies. Peggy and I left Santa Rosa 9am on 15th.

Mark and Carol had an additional Service at their Methodist Church in Sebastopol for David. Marilyn, Susie, "little" Marilyn, her husband, Ken and Audrey Gustufson and others attended.

  • Jun 2004 Robbie graduates from Santa Rosa Junior College and Starts as Junior in University of California at Fullerton, CA. Major Arts with Computer Animation as Graduation goal.
  • Rob living in grandmother Velma's Apartment while attending school.
  • 2003 My sister Marilyn has a valve in her heart replaced.
  • June 2006 Rob neads 2 more semesters to graduate from UCF. Will work part time. Plans to settle in Southern CA. after school and ocasionally does work over the internet for Mark's company in Santa Rosa.
  • July 2006 Put plywood floor in part of attic and have lights (electric) wiring in attic.
  • Set up studio for future oil painting.
  • Our house in San Clemente is valued at $700,000.
  • Nov 2006 - Our friend Col Ed Markham dies in TX and is buried in Riverside National Cemetery with his first wife, Peggy. be continued